The Cameron Poetzscher Story

Over the course of Cameron Poetzscher‘s career, he has assisted many companies when it comes to making the best possible decisions when it comes to all types of complex transactions. Cameron currently serves as Uber’s Head of Corporate Development and he has a lot of demonstrated deal-making experience in his past. His experience has served to demonstrate his ability as a problem solver with an ability to handle problems with a creative approach.

Nearly everyone says that Cameron Poetzscher does much of his best work in challenging situations that would intimidate others. He has a knack for using the challenges to get the best possible deal. He’s come a long way over time, since beginning his business career as a consultant with Booz & Co in Australia. While he was there, he focused on hands-on operational issues like sales and forecasting, as well as broader strategies and organizational issues. Following that, he went to Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA with Distinction. He then spent a year with that school’s finance faculty as a post-graduate.

Profile: Uber Executive Cameron Poetzscher

For some time before Cameron Poetzscher became Corporate Development Head with tech giant Uber, he already had an established record as an executive. It can be said that his unique approach to making business decisions and solving problems is a by-product of his creativity. He is highly known as someone with a proven ability to analyze and adapt to any situation. It is this skill that allows Cameron to do a lot of his best work in the most difficult situations.

For instance, Cameron Poetzscher’s vast experience when it comes to structuring partnerships and acquisitions has made him a valuable asset to the companies he’s worked for. Perhaps it is his nearly two decades of global investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs, where Cameron was able to advise many of the most sophisticated and demanding clients, that gives him an edge, but it could be a combination of factors. He has been able to advise industry leaders and innovators in many business sectors and his experience is global in scope, covering five continents.

Cameron Poetzscher – Internationally Adaptable

The way an individual handles business both nationally and internationally says a lot about their adaptability. Early in his career, Cameron Poetzscher learned the skill of adapting to new environments and new challenges. By becoming adaptable, he has been fueled to learn how to be able to work successfully in America as well as other countries expanding across five continents from the skills he has developed in his home country. With a motto that emphasizes embracing challenges and conflicts, he has been able to gain extensive international experience including dealing with the structural and cultural complexities of cross-border transactions. He has worked in China, India, Japan, South East Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Australia, in addition to his work in the United States.

Uber Executive Cameron Poetzscher’s Skills

Even before he became Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher was well-known in the world of business and finance. Throughout his 17-year career with Goldman Sachs, he served as a global investment professional and developed a reputation by supplying investment advice and guidance to many Fortune 50 companies.

Cameron Poetzscher also handled a number of pre-IPO start-ups that had been backed by some of the most prominent venture capital firms and he was a very important player in a number of very highly publicized mergers and acquisition transactions. Much of his long career has been focused on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, which means he was involved with a number of iconic industry leaders and innovators, nit just Uber.

Before his time at Goldman Sachs, he earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and eventually served on that school’s distinguished Finance Faculty, where he did quite a bit of research and case-writing, primarily focused on hedge funds, derivatives and liability management.

Diverse Experience

Cameron Poetzscher, Vice President of Corporate Development at Uber, is not only exceptionally experienced in the technology/media/telecom space, but he’s a proven finance, operations and deal-making executive with a diverse background and notable education.

As a graduate of the University of Queensland as well as an MBA holder from Harvard Business School, Poetzscher began his illustrious career on the right foot, including a renowned position The Charles Williams Research Fellow for Harvard Business School following his education.

With 18 years of work with Goldman Sachs — including work in San Francisco and New York as well as internationally in China, Japan, India and more — and additional firm knowledge, Poetzscher has global investment banking experience, knowledge in partnerships, acquisitions, negotiations and executing deals. His work was also frequently narrowed to the internet and entertainment, although he often worked in other fields such as industrial, healthcare, natural resources, real estate and consumer. He is a proven finance, operational and deal-making executive with high-profile work and high-level strategic problem solving. And in early 2014, he brought his extensive expertise to the growing car service, Uber.

At Uber, Poetzscher now focuses on global fundraising — including specific, target markets — M&A and corporate strategy, and additional business operations.

Harvard Man, Business Man

Cameron Poetzscher has a wealth of international business experience. That includes dealing with structural and cultural complexities of crossborder transactions. His experience ranges outside of the United States, including working on deals in India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. Cameron Poetzscher earned his Masters of Business Administration, graduating with distinction from Harvard Business School.

Later, Cameron Poetzscher worked for a year with the HBS Finance Faculty, doing research and case-writing. This work placed an emphasis derivatives, hedging, and liability management. Before working there, he worked at Booz & Co. in Australia, as a consultant. There, he focused on hands-on operational issues, including forecasting, sales force and marketing optimization, product profitability, and other issues. He also worked on broader strategic and organizational considerations.

Cameron Poetzscher is a proven finance, operational, and deal-making executive who has highly creative and analytical approach to solving problems. He does not struggle in the challenging or high pressure environments that he often finds himself in during the course of his work. From April of 2008 until June of 2013, he served as Singapore Managing Director; Chief Operations Officer of M&A, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan and Head of M&A, Southeast Asia. He is now Head of Corporate Development with Uber, a new challenge he has relished.

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