Cameron Poetzscher, Vice President of Corporate Development at Uber, is not only exceptionally experienced in the technology/media/telecom space, but he’s a proven finance, operations and deal-making executive with a diverse background and notable education.

As a graduate of the University of Queensland as well as an MBA holder from Harvard Business School, Poetzscher began his illustrious career on the right foot, including a renowned position The Charles Williams Research Fellow for Harvard Business School following his education.

With 18 years of work with Goldman Sachs — including work in San Francisco and New York as well as internationally in China, Japan, India and more — and additional firm knowledge, Poetzscher has global investment banking experience, knowledge in partnerships, acquisitions, negotiations and executing deals. His work was also frequently narrowed to the internet and entertainment, although he often worked in other fields such as industrial, healthcare, natural resources, real estate and consumer. He is a proven finance, operational and deal-making executive with high-profile work and high-level strategic problem solving. And in early 2014, he brought his extensive expertise to the growing car service, Uber.

At Uber, Poetzscher now focuses on global fundraising — including specific, target markets — M&A and corporate strategy, and additional business operations.