For some time before Cameron Poetzscher became Corporate Development Head with tech giant Uber, he already had an established record as an executive. It can be said that his unique approach to making business decisions and solving problems is a by-product of his creativity. He is highly known as someone with a proven ability to analyze and adapt to any situation. It is this skill that allows Cameron to do a lot of his best work in the most difficult situations.

For instance, Cameron Poetzscher’s vast experience when it comes to structuring partnerships and acquisitions has made him a valuable asset to the companies he’s worked for. Perhaps it is his nearly two decades of global investment banking experience at Goldman Sachs, where Cameron was able to advise many of the most sophisticated and demanding clients, that gives him an edge, but it could be a combination of factors. He has been able to advise industry leaders and innovators in many business sectors and his experience is global in scope, covering five continents.